Wednesday, June 9, 2010

La Despedida (The Farewell)

Granada, which means “pomegranate” in Spanish, was the last city of our journey to Spain. We walked through the Albaicín neighborhood, toured the Royal Chapel where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella are buried, and then visited the famous Alhambra. The photo above was taken of the group’s first view of the Alhambra from the Plaza San Nicolás. After the tour, half of the group returned to the United States and the other half extended the course in Morocco through the Morocco Exchange Program ( At the time of this blog post, everyone has safely returned to Merrimack. Overall, we had a wonderful experience learning about Convivencia: the Coexistence of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Medieval Spain, and the themes and ideas we had discussed over the past semester came to life through this study-travel course.


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